M o d e r n  P e n t a t h l o n  A u s t r a l i a  I n c

The Best All Round Athletes In The World


21/8/16 - Max Esposito runs from 17th to 7th at Rio Olympics


20/8/16 - Chloe Esposito wins GOLD medal at Rio Olympics

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Fencing. Swimming. Equestrian. Shooting. Running.

Modern Pentathlon is one of the most skillful events at the Olympic Games. Combining five unique disciplines into one event completed in one day of action packed competition.

Think James Bond or Lara Croft…the modern day adventurer put to the test.  


Photo - start of the 200m Freestyle swim







Photo - Chloe Esposito 10 Air Pistol Target Shooting in the Combined Event













Photo - Ed Fernon - Cross Country Running in the Combined Event

Photo: Epee - Todd Renfree Vs Heredia Vives 

Photo - Chloe Esposito - London Olympic Games